A beginner’s guide on how to calculate Precision, Recall, F1-score for a multi-class classification problem.

A confusion matrix is a tabular way of visualizing the performance of your prediction model. Each entry in a confusion matrix denotes the number of predictions made by the model where it classified the classes correctly or incorrectly.

Anyone who is already familiar with the confusion matrix knows that most of the time it is explained for a binary classification problem. Well, this explanation is not one of them. Today we will see how does a confusion matrix work on multi-class machine learning models. …

Christopher Nolan’s TENET just came out in theaters in the middle of a pandemic, and it didn’t do justice to the film.

Christopher Nolan probably never even thought in his wildest dreams when putting the masks on the cast of TENET, we’d be wearing masks as well to go out to watch TENET — Well, that’s 2020 for you.

It’s been a year none of us want to experience it again. From health issues to economic recession, it’s been so difficult for so many of us. Put on a mask feels like the first thing I should do when going out, wtf happened to breathe in polluted air thinking it’s fresh!

WTF happened to go out to enjoy a Champions League match…

Yes, for the most part, I just listened and it kept me sane.

2020: Fuck you!

Me: Thank God, I had FRIENDS. We all have those friends.

I only left my apartment twice a month when the lockdown first happened. Just to get the essentials. I was staying alone for work, afar from my home. So it wasn’t like every two days I had to go out for essentials.

But people with big families probably used this very reason to go out to get the essentials once every few days. …

Yes, they do! As do a lot of other things.

First, let me start with this scene from an Indian TV series. Before anything else, please go watch the scene. It’s just a few seconds.

Okay! I guess, you probably didn’t watch it. That’s fine, it’s not that important. But had you watched it, you would’ve noticed how difficult it is to watch the scene, let alone a whole episode of that sort.

It’s the nature of the Indian TV series. They deliver one line of dialogue and the camera turns to everyone’s face, at least once. The sound of thunder between scenes makes it even worse. For me even…

My only story The Startup wanted to publish was my first ever Medium story.

I was completely new to this back then. So, I self-published it after the first rejection…

Let’s get it straight about internet cookies.

Like us people, our web browsers also like to eat cookies.


Because obviously, they taste delicious. However, just like you have health concerns on eating too many cookies, there are concerns over your browser eating too many of that too.

So, you’ve probably seen those pop-ups at the bottom(in most cases) saying they use cookies on their site and they would like you to accept them whenever you visited a website for the first time. Until you accept their requests, those pop-ups stay there and it’s really annoying sometimes. So you end up accepting the requests.

But did you…

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